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Download and Install 9APP for Android

9Apps : is one of the most famous and trusted third party android app store which is been trusted by millions of its loyal users . Earlier, in around 2012 , the company decided to launch two different applications , one as an app store, while the other one as a video game store , respectively. The application store was supposed to be launched as 9Apps, whereas the company decided to name the video game service/market  as 9Games. Though, in 2013, UCWeb – A Unit of Alibaba & CO. decided to drop the idea for a gaming services app, and they launched an app store, known as 9Apps Store which now holds more than 3 billion users in India and around 80 million users in Indonesia . This application is being used by the users to download android apps for free. 9Apps store also let’s you download android apps which are paid on other android stores for free of cost completely . One great feature of this app store is that it even provides you an option to download app that are not available on Google Play Store.

Why use this alternative app store ?

The new and latest version of 9Apps is far much better, this android app store is easy to use giving users to browse through different categories of apps which user can download. 9Apps let’s you find the best apps easily because it’s UI is simple and easy to understand and use. It not only helps you to provide with the best apps- this app also lets you download best HD quality wallpapers, ringtones and much more. With 9Apps you can find the best recommendations for all kinds of android apps for free. This app is of very small size, so the best part is that it do not consume much of your phone store and RAM . It runs smoothly even on an old android devices.

As stated above 9apps store download for android is the best alternative for Google Play store. It provides its users with awesome features which makes this app the best.

 9Apps & 9App Features

  • This app store provides with hundreds of category and sub category . It makes user to easily navigate within the app and find the best app.
  • The app is of very small size, so it downloads quickly . It also provides high download speed while you download apps from 9apps app store.
  • Thousands of android apps to choose from which is sorted by experts who spend hours to get the best apps on this amazing app store.
  • It provides with ‘best recommendations’ list, which lists the best and most trendy apps used worldwide. and the best thing about this list is that it is updated on daily basics so you get the best apps every day to download.
  • 9Apps has a very big collection of videos, wallpapers and ringtones as well. Since the Android community is very active, everyday, more than 10,000 media files are uploaded to 9Apps servers which make its media collection liked by many more communities aswell . So download 9Apps today if you need an app store which allows you to download all the latest games, apps, wallpapers, ringtones and trending videos.

How to download 9Apps?

9 Apps store is hot and trendy app to find best android apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers for free . That Too at a very high speed, providing you with hundreds of suggestions and recommendations which are updated daily. best thing about this app is that every app which is uploaded on this app store is checked for malicious codes. So you can trust this app blindly and download the apps at a high speed.  To download 9Apps , follow these steps :-

  • Download the app’s APK from 9Appsapk.com
  • Once it gets downloaded, use a file manager and access the location where the 9Appsapk has been downloaded. **
  • Open it and start the installation process.
  • Once it gets installed, open the app.

** Please note that to install 9App, you will have to enable the installation from unknown sources. To do that-

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Security Settings.
  • Enable the installation from Unknown Sources.
  • Then initiate the installation.
Download and Install 9APP for Android
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