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iMovie For PC: Download iMovie For Windows and Mac

Download iMovie For PC

iMovie for PC: Developed by Apple Inc. iMovie is a unique editing software that comes free with all Macbooks since 2003. Originally released in the year 1999 in Mac OS 8, today the software is a part of Apple’s iLife suite app which also consists of iPhoto and GarageBand. Although, besides Macbook, iMovie is available in a number of Apple devices like the iPod, iPad and iPhone, the software is not officially available for Windows users. Therefore, in this post we are going to provide you with a guide on how to use iMovie for PC.

In this tutorial you’ll find everything about iMovie starting from the cool features, how iMovie works, best alternatives for iMovie, etc. With iMovie can merge, split, crop or rotate an image or video, you can even upgrade the quality of the video or image. The videos can be enhanced using various professional filters like Color Balance, Denoise, Chroma Key, Brightness/Contrast, etc.

iMovie app free download

The software is pretty user-friendly and saves to the time of going through tons of YouTube videos, reading lengthy user guides of other editing software. It’ll be a great shame if you don’t get this in your PC.Windows users are spoiled for choice when it comes to video editing software, even if there’s no free alternative as good as iMovie.

Features of iMovie for PC

The latest iMovie (version 10.0.8) comes equipped with the most improved features and is sure enough going to bring a complete revolution compared to the previous versions. iMovie imports photo files and video footage from either the hard drive or the FireWire interface. Following which users can edit the clip or photograph and even add title, theme tracks, basic color correction, enhance the pictures or video via filters, etc.

  • There are a number of tools, filters and special effects available that allows you to edit photos and videos.
  • Using the software, you can also record audio from a microphone.
  • Apart from these, the software allows users to instantly share their work with their friends via social media sites.
  • There are myriad of templates available for users to create a good story.
  • For iPhone users, you should know that the latest iPhone 6S sports a feature called ‘Force Touch’ which sync perfectly with the iMovie app. What the feature does is that it enables users to fast forward or rewind videos in the app at a simple touch of your finger.
  • You can easily find a number of free tutorials on this video editing software online.
  • With the help of a certain Firewire interface, you can send video footage to the Mac devices. You can use the computer’s USB port for this.
  • iMovie offers various options to share what you’ve made, be it a videos or photo.
  • Compared to previous versions and other alternative applications, the number of tools and features that iMovie offers, are significantly huge.
  • For video editors, the videos can be saved in various formats like MPEG-4, MPEG, H.264, WMV, or FLV.
  • The software allows users to upload videos on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and other video streaming sites online directly.
  • The software allows users to directly burn your videos to DVD which you can watch on your DVD player or computer later.

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iMovie For PC: Minimum System Requirements

The software will work on your system with ease, if you are using the latest Windows system (2013 or later) or Mac one (2013 or later). These are the modern standards of software and hardware required for installation of such software. Even still we’d recommend that you check if your system has got the following specifications, to see if your computer is completely compatible for downloading and installing iMovie for PC.

  • Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Mac OS X
  • Internet
  • 4 GB of RAM and at least 5GB of free storage in C Drive for Android emulator’s files and files of MovieBox to be installed
  • 1 GB Graphics Card and that should come up to dated

Download iMovie For PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and XP)

iMovie is a free default video editing software that works exclusively on Apple products. Interested Windows users can get the software to work on their computer by software like Parallel Desktop and VMware Fusion. Any one of these software will help you run iMovie on PC. The only drawback is that the software are paid software and also requires dual boot features. So if you can afford to spend movie to get iMovie for PC then get any one of these software and start rolling. If not, then you’d better use alternatives of iMovie for PC.

iMovie for PC

There are in numerous alternatives of iMovie available out in the market. Each one of these are pretty good in their own but here we are going to share one very popular and significant alternative of iMovie which is Movavi Video Editor and which comes with additional features like the Chrome Key etc. A great number of features in the Movavi Video Editor are just like the ones present in iMovie. For instance, the templates used in the app are pretty similar to that of iMovie.

Almost like iMovie, Movavi allows users to adjust duration individually as well as use good transitions. The special feature may be a bit low key compared to that of the app but none-the-less they are very efficient and useful.

iMovie app free

With Movavi, you can easily work with videos that have been captured via DV/AVCHD camcorders, TV tuners, web cameras and VHS. And like iMovie, this app can be synced and the audio recorded from a microphone. The alternative also has sharing and uploading options in Facebook, YouTube and loads of other sites. The videos can be saved in a number of formats like MPEG-4, MPEG, H.264, WMV, or FLV, in small size but excellent quality.

Therefore it’s pretty evident that you can get almost all significant features of iMovie on Movavi. There for folks who are interested in getting iMovie for PC can simple go over to the official site of Movavi Video Editor, download the software, install it and start rolling.

iMovie For Windows 10 PC

Like we already mentioned above, iMovie for PC can be run only with the help of software like Parallel Desktop and VMware Fusion. But since the software is paid software, we’ve recommended the best alternative to iMovie which works exactly like the app. It’s called Movavi Video Editor. In order to download it simply go over to Movavi Video Editor website, hit the download button, install it and start editing.

iMovie For Mac, iPad, iPhone, iOS

iMovie is developed by Apple Inc. for editing photographs and videos on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Therefore if you have any of the above Apple product then you don’t have illegally download the software or go to other unknown unofficial sites to get the software for your device. Mac users have the software by default but even if they don’t, simply head over to the ‘Mac App Store’ to download it and start using it to edit videos and pictures. Besides Mac, the software is the default editing application for iPhone and iPad too. Below we are proving you with links to download iMovie for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

iMovie for PC

Download iMovie for Mac here.

Download iMovie for iPad here.

Download iMovie for iPhone here.

iMovie Alternatives

The alternatives to iMovie for PC that we are proving below are hidden gems that work more or less like iMovie but are for the most part unknown to most people. Here we are going to shed some light on those software.

Movavi Video Editor

We have already mentioned about the Movavi Video Editor and have also told you that it’s just about the best iMovie alternative available in the market. The reason behind its popularity is the near similar features that it offers. For anyone who wants to use iMovie for PC, should totally go for Movavi Video Editor.


This one is an award winning software that offers a great number of features. The software is great for lengthy video editing. Movies like ‘Heat’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘The King’s Speech’ has been edited by a pro version of this software and that should be a good enough reason for you download Light works and start working.


Cyberlink is an excellent editor for high quality videos and photos. It offers in numerous features and it’ll take you ages to master them all. Simply go over to the website, download the software and start rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions on Movavi Video Editor

Since iMovie for Windows is not possible, we have to try our hands on different iMovie for Windows alternatives. Among the alternatives we have discussed above, Movavi Video Editor is the most popular. So here we have shed lights on the Movavi Video Editor, its features, and the pros.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

  • You can merge, crop, split and rotate to enhance your video.
  • You can organize the video or audio on user-friendly Timeline.
  • You can add professional filters such as Denoise, Chroma Key, Brightness/Contrast, Color Balance to enhance your video.
  • You can edit 3D and 2D videos on your timeline.
  • Various title templates are available to make the story interesting.
  • Movavi also allows the users to import videos from web cameras, TV tuners, DV/AVCHD camcorders.
  • You can save your video in any format.
  • You can directly upload your video to FaceBook, YouTube from the application itself.
  • You can also burn your videos to DVD for watching it later on TV.


Is the Slow Motion Effect available on Movavi?

There are more than 40 effects are available on Movavi including Slow Motion to enhance the video.

Is Picture in Picture effect possible in Movavi?

Yes, the Picture in Picture effect is available in Movavi and you can apply the effect to two pictures or two video files and resize them.

Is the Fast Forward/Speed Up effect available on Movavi?

Yes, the fast forward effect is available on Movavi.

Is Blue Screen, Pink Screen and Green Screen available on Movavi?

Yes the Green Screen, Pink Screen and Blue Screen effect available on Movavi.

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Well that’s all we hope to convey to you in this guide of iMovie for PC. The tutorial is pretty straight forward, will much of hassle you can get an excellent video and photo editing software. So folk, if you face any problem in understanding the above guide or if any of the official links are not working then you can reach out to us via the comment section below.

iMovie For PC: Download iMovie For Windows and Mac
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