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Download Pokemon GO Apk for Free and Experience Unlimited Fun

Pokemon GO Apk: There is a certain valid reason why the world has been going crazy since even before Niantic Labs‘ Pokemon game released last year. The game that became a phenomenon immediately upon its release went through a number of problems, particularly because of its immense popularity. However, Niantic has come a long way since then and so has their amazing AR-based mobile game. In this tutorial, we will talk specifically about the Pokemon GO Apk: why should you download it, and how. All your questions will be answered right here.

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Pokemon GO Apk

Pokemon GO ApkPokemon GO Apk Download: Why Choose this Method

A lot of people may find it confounding as to why at all we need the Apk way to get the Pokemon GO game when it is already available on official app stores. But we wouldn’t be here had there not been reasons enough to opt for Pokemon GO Apk download. Besides the usual talk about being able to use the same file across multiple platforms, there are a number of reasons why you should follow our tutorial now. We will take a look at some of them below.

  • First off, the Pokemon GO game has seen a number of reactions across the globe. But while some found its community building goals to be top notch, others were offended. In act, this is the reason why several countries have not let the game release on their shores. But why deprive those who wish to play the game but are not being able to? Well, for them, downloading the Pokemon GO app via the methods provided below is the best bet. The game will not be available in many countries on official app store because of the regulations involved. But with our help, you will be able to start playing in no time.
  • Next, we all know that any reputed developer will provide their apps with regular upgrades. But while all of these will eventually find their way into, say, the Google Play Store, the fastest way to get to the Pokemon GO updates will be through the Apk method. This is because the updates come in much faster this way because of the lack of regulations checks. For instance, the Pokemon GO Apk latest version was released on July 29, while it came to the Play Store only on the 31st. So if you want to stay on top of what Niantic intends you to try, you should definitely download the game this way.
  • Finally, it is important to note that the methods for Pokemon GO download that we recommend will take up lesser space on your device. Apk files typically come in comparatively smaller sizes than their “official” counterparts.

For those who had come here to know how to go about Pokemon GO Apk download, we will move right ahead in that direction. Those who had come in out of curiosity, we hope we have been able to convince you. We have our very own guide to download the Fruit Ninja Apk.

Download Pokemon GO Apk for Android

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Before we proceed with the steps, taking a look at a few things are in order. It is crucial to learn about the newest version that you will be able to access here with all the related details. So find the details about Pokemon GO Apk latest version below.

Pokemon GO Latest Version (v0.69.1)

  • App Name: Pokemon GO
  • Version name: 0.69.1
  • Updated On: July 29, 2017
  • File Size: 96.64 MB
  • Android Versions supported: Android 4.4 and up
  • Fixes: App will freeze no more after certain points.
  • What’s New: Spark has returned to appraise Pokémon for Team Instinct Trainers.

Pokemon GO Apk Download on Android for Free

There isn’t much complication here, as the Pokemon GO Apk file can easily be found. For an easier alternative, you may easily download the game from the Google Play Store. However, if you wish to procure a file that will let you stay on top of the latest features of the game, do not hesitate to opt for the Apk methods stated below. In this way, you may also apply some great Pokemon GO Apk mods if you desire.

Step 1: Before downloading the app, go to your device Settings, enter Security, and enable Unknown Sources.

Step 2: Next, download the Pokemon GO Apk file directly on the same device. If you come across a warning saying: This type of file may harm your device,” ignore.

Step 3: After download is complete, enter the file and hit Install.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish. You are now ready to play the game.

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Pokemon GO Hacks

Pokemon GO cheats and hacks have existed almost as long as the game itself. They usually refer to a bunch of support applications for Pokemon GO built by third party developers to give some leverage to the player’s Pokehunt. Anyone who has played the game know how frustrating it can get, especially when rare Pokemon are concerned. We understand that Niantic means it as a challenge to engage their users, but literally no one has the time to walk around for miles on a daily basis just to hatch an egg, get candy, or grab that rare monster. This is the reason behind the rise of Pokemon GO hacks and cheats.

These secondary apps make the game much more rewarding for players in a number of ways. They also save you a whole lot of time. Besides fetching you items, some of these are also able to tweak your GPS to fool the app into believing that you’re on the move, so that you can catch Pokemon while sitting on your couch. However, there are two factors to be taken into consideration before you decide to resort to these.

The Pokemon GO game aims to build a sense of community by getting people out of their homes- something that is what people tend to do mostly. Using hacks to manipulate the game defeats its very purpose. Secondly, Niantic is strict about how people use the app. If you land on the developer’s radar while using Pokemon GO cheats, be sure that there will be consequences (for instance, you will only get common Pokemon as punishment).

Wrap Up

The methods above are a sure way of getting more out of the game, because it lets you stay ahead of your friends who use the “official” version. If you follow our methods and download Pokemon GO Apk Download Free for Android, you will be able to boast of brand new developer updates ahead of others. Most of all, it is a hassle free way of enjoying the game if you are itching to get your hands on it, but can’t because of certain restrictions. Be sure to like and share this post if you find it useful. As for any hindrances you may face, drop us a comment and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Download Pokemon GO Apk for Free and Experience Unlimited Fun
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